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28 November 2014

Garrison now closed for business

I've closed the catalogue and will no longer be supporting the email address info@garrisonminiatures.com. All future communications should be made to garrisonminiatures@gmail.com . There also a blog, http://easterngarrison.blogspot.co.uk/ Some qualifying past customers have arranged to be able to buy Garrison figures next year. It is hoped to start limited production for these customers sometime in March 2015. It is also probable that I will start some other limited production of the 20mm Ancients and 25mm S&S Ranges as well. For further information please keep looking at the Eastern Garrison blogspot. It is hoped that all current orders on my books will be completed and dispatched by around next weekend. Finally, thanks to all my customers over the past eight years or so - it's been fun. Rob

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