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Ninja Miniatures

 Can Ninja be Miniature?

Yes, they can George. Yes, they can.

So, you’re asking yourself if you would really call your old Ninja Turtle toys miniatures. Well Raph here, has a few things he’d like to say in his best New Yorker accent. What da H-E double hockey sticks is wrong with you! Of course we are miniature! We started off as small pet shop turtles and only later grew to the beasts of the silver screen you know and cringe at today. The popular show of the early nineties has enjoyed a resurgence of popularity through Nickelodeon’s popular television cartoon and their two new films. The latest of these is going to be showing in theaters this summer (June 3rd).

Here’s the preview of the Ninja Products

Miniatures of the Turtles

So, Kibby has come up with some neat new little likenesses of the four heroes-in-a-half-shell. Raph, Donnie, Mikey, and Leo are all represented in small statured collectibles that I found quickly and easily on Amazon.  If you’re looking for something a bit less cute but still small, you might check out the Shredder Key Chain Miniature.