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Collecting Miniatures –

Minecraft Miniatures are a source of great pleasure and artistic and creative expression. A stock for multimedia creation and a great way to spend an afternoon.

minecraft miniatures - pig 01There are a lot of great Minecraft miniatures on the market today. My son collects all forms of Minecraft paraphenalia and has Lego, Mattel and a collection of homemade  mini creatures. My son loves Minecraft so much I made him several homemade Christmas tree ornaments that are based on the miniatures available on the market.

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a mostly kid friendly computer and video game that has been around since 2011. The style of play is classified as “sandbox” which means that the game has no particular story line or absolute objectives but is oriented on the creative and free thinking ability of the player. Steve is the name of the block shaped avatar that all players used initially. Since shortly after the games inception, it has had a great following of fans. Most fans of the game have purchased more than one extra piece of memorabilia making Minecraft a highly lucrative video game.

Many Youtube vloggers have capitalized on the games open platform for creative thought and design and have come up with walk throughs, stories and adventures, integrating the open play and their own creative thought to create their own small businesses. My son’s favorite vlogger is Stampy (who we allow him to watch because he is generally fairly clean).

Here is Stampy’s Introductory Video for his channel:

For more information regarding Minecraft you can visit the Mojang website.

Where can I get my Minecraft Miniatures?

While I don’t sell miniatures, I do enjoy writing about them and the research I have done regarding these miniatures can be found in the links below:

  1. Toywiz.com is one of many sites you can browse and get ideas.
  2. Amazon.com is where I do most of my final shopping
  3. Ebay.com when I’m looking for that hard to find and possibly somewhat used miniature.

Consider this the first place you’ve heard of someone calling Minecraft toys Mine-atures 🙂


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